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The brake shoes on the wheels of your car may have been “prescribed” by some entities, such as the state or your municipality of residence. The reasons are related to an unpaid debt, regarding some mandatory taxes. Administrative detention is a fully authorized measure and you can release it only and exclusively by catching up with the money to be paid. Some people, however, do not want to know and try to implement illegal moves, making the situation even worse. Here are all the details.

How to remove the jaws
How to remove the brake shoes – Motori.News

In a historical period full of price increases in every sector, it can happen that we experience difficult moments and not be able to pay mandatory taxes. In the most serious cases, the State or other specific bodies – such as the Municipality of residence, INPS, the Region or others – can implement the notification of the administrative detention for your car.

In this case, the appropriate ones are placed jaws to the wheels of the machine. Administrative detention it can be removed only after paying off all debts. They may concern the non-payment of car tax, IRPEF, VAT or other similar compulsory taxes.

When the vehicle has been registered with the PRA with administrative detention, then you will no longer be able to circulate until you are in compliance with the various overdue payments. The detention – as obvious as it is – will always take place in the most serious cases and with debts that have not been paid for some time.

Once the payment has been made, you will be able to use your car again, given that the administrative detention will be released and the jaws will be removed by those responsible. The debt can be paid immediately or it can be paid in installments, by agreeing with the appropriate institution.

As it often happens, some people look for illegal tricks to avoid paying debts and to unlock the jaws independently. Here’s everything you need to know on this topic.

Fiscal jaws, here is the illegal method that you absolutely must not use to remove them

Using the car with jaws, therefore, is completely impossible. The car is practically blocked and it will not be possible to get on the road. But do you know that some people try to force this administrative measure, breaking their jaws (and not only)? Here are all the details on these illegal moves carried out by some people – fortunately few.

Car jaws
Car Jaws – Motors.News

Usually, the jaws are placed on one of the two front wheels. There is no precise rule in this regard. However, several people do not accept the measure of the retainer and try to devise some tricks to get rid of these “annoying” jaws.

In the past, some people have deflated the wheel with the brake shoes so that they can get rid of this blockage. The fine came anyway and in addition they had to pay off the debt, making things even worse.

Illegal trick jaws
The illegal trick to remove the jaws without paying off debts. Here are the details – Motori.News

But the news of the last few hours concerns a another illegal attempt of elimination of the jaws. And it is much less “smart” than the previous one. A person, in fact, has ignited his own car subjected to detention and set off revving up to the max. The car started moving, but stalled – as obvious as it is – soon after.

For the person who made this move, in addition to the fine and administrative detention still ongoing, there was also another unpleasant news. Indeed, The car has sustained all sorts of structural damage. Therefore, a “visit” to the mechanic will also be necessary. The penalty for the infringement committed, however, was 2,000 euros. We are sure that no one will ever try to do this again.

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