Best Renders For The Week Of January 9th

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Every week we publish many renderings. While some of them preview the actual new models coming in the next few months, others are done mostly for fun. They envision super-futuristic creations that are unlikely to hit the production line anytime soon, if ever at all.

here at, we all love virtual images and that’s why we thought we’d share one additional rendering article each week. It incorporates the best design exercises created by our own artists, as well as drawings provided by independent automotive designers, students and just regular gearheads.

We’ll update this article with new renderings from last week every Thursday. That way, you’ll have all that cool digital interpretation for when you want to get a glimpse into the future.

The electric version of the Boxster won’t be coming until the middle of this decade, although we already know a lot about it. Design-wise, we expect an evolution of the current Boxster with sharper lines as seen in this exclusive rendering.

Porsche Boxster renderings

The new generation 5 Series is currently in development and we know for sure there will be a long roof version. Fortunately, the Bavarian company will not be swayed by the exterior design of the car and will avoid installing grilles that are too large.

2024 BMW 5 Series renderings

With the Prolog concept, Toyota is seeing what the production version of the next generation C-HR will look like. It’s safe to say that the small crossover will retain its unique design language and these renders feature a model with C-shaped headlights.

2024 Toyota C-HR renderings

Volkswagen is putting the finishing touches on its first electric sedan. The ID.7 will join the growing ID family of electric vehicles and we hope to see it in final, official form towards the middle of this year. This rendering previews how it will look.

Rendering of VW ID.7

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