2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Hybrid Spying Completely Undercover

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Yesterday, Chevrolet announced it would unveil the 2024 hybrid Corvette E-Ray on January 17. The Corvette looks identical to the one leaked in an online visualizer last month.

The photos reveal a very similar Corvette to the C8 Stingray. However, the E-Ray displays unique styling details if you look closely enough, such as its wider stance. The car appears to incorporate styling elements from the Z06 and Stingray into the E-Ray. The front fascia is different, with wing-like accents running from the lower grille opening into the large outer bumper intakes. At the rear, the E-Ray features a subtle lip spoiler, redesigned bumper vents and a mesh rear bumper opening.

The E-Ray has quad split exhaust pipes, like the Stingray. The new hybrid is expected to use the same LT2’s 6.2-liter V8 engine, with Chevy pairing it with an electric motor, which will power the front wheels while the engine spins at the rear. The electric motor can add as much as 150 horsepower to the 495-hp V8, pushing the E-Ray’s output to around 650 hp (484 kW). The E-Ray’s power output will place it below the Z06 in the Corvette lineup, which produces 670 hp (500 kW) sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

The teaser video that Chevrolet released alongside the announcement of the E-Ray’s debut date shows off the car’s new Stealth feature, which is supposed to be an electric-only mode for the two doors. It will have regenerative braking as well. A visualizer leak from last month revealed three new exterior colors for the car: Cacti, Riptide Blue Metallic, and Sea-Wolf Gray Tri-Coat.

We’ll get all the official details next week. Chevrolet hasn’t announced when it will go on sale, but the visualizer print says it will reach dealers sometime this summer. It has to be under $100,000 to get started too.

The automaker is also preparing for a fully electric Corvette that should use General Motors’ new Ultium battery technology. However, details are scarce and powertrain details remain elusive. We don’t know when Chevy plans to reveal that.

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