€6632 fine at the toll booth, if you do this you’re finished: watch out for the Telepass

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Telepass, do you know that there are people who have been caught in fines exceeding €6000? This is the most expensive infraction of all

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Telepass can be a very convenient system for all those who they often drive on the highway. All you need to do is sign a contract, providing your license plate and bank details. With a device in the car, our sections on the motorway will then be recorded.

Then, every 2 or 3 months, these come to us debited from our bank account. This contract provides for a maximum of two vehicles. All very linear, but c‘is who managed to get stellar fines.

Here is the trick that someone has invented, which has earned him a fine of €6632.

Fine of €6632 for Telepass: here’s how it was possible

This very bizarre thing happened in 2018 in Lombardy had as its protagonist a 44-year-old woman who has well thought of using the motorway without paying with a rather unusual ruse.

The woman entered the motorway, then when she exited she made an agreement with the motorist in front of her (who had a Telepass) and when the gate opened, she joined the car in front and passed too, taking advantage of the Telepass of the motorist in front of him and never paying even a cent.

Until someone noticed this “smart”. Indeed, the toll booths they are under video surveillance with numerous cameras. It’s very difficult for someone to get away with it just once, let alone if this behavior turns into a real habit.

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Indeed the woman it didn’t just pay for the freeway section alone lump sumshe passed without paying for 145 timesand now she’s forced to pay for all the times she decided to get smart.

A figure certainly greater than the one he saved by joining the motorists who actually paid. Justice has run its course slowly, indeed it took years of “investigation” to figure out precisely how many times this behavior was repeatedbut luckily they succeeded.

Now the woman will have to pay a fearsome refund to Autostrade per l’Italia. That’s not all, the woman she was also fined for endangering road safety, because, according to reports, he was not very careful driving.

So, the next time you find yourself queuing at the tollbooth and your imagination travels as far as making you wonder what would happen if you tailed the driver in front, it is good to keep this story in mind.

Other infractions related to Telepass

The Telepass, as already mentioned, is really very convenient, it costs little and allows you to skip the line in those days when the motorway is unlivable. But, as in everything, especially when driving, you have to pay close attention.

In fact the ploy of the 44-year-old woman is only the most bizarre case of Telepass fraud. Fortunately, the police are always at work to catch all those who deceive all motorists who pay honestly.

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If you have Telepass you must always keep this rule in mind, which cannot be connected to more than two cars at the same time. Furthermore, each device is associated with a license plate, so if you use a stolen device, you risk facing a hefty fine for unregistered license plate.

Finally, never ever never lend the Telepass device to someone and never pass by the Telepass lane without actually having a contract.

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