Rear view mirrors, nobody knows this function: be careful what you do

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The rear-view mirrors of all cars are useful at any time, because they increase the level of safety while driving, whether it is motorbikes, buses, trams or the cars themselves.

rearview mirror
rear view mirror –

They allow you to have a complete visibility of the back and therefore to keep the road under control at 360°.

Those in the know know that the rear view mirror was designed and engineered in 1911 by pilot Ray Harrounwho won the Indianapolis 500, with his Marmon, mounting the rear-view mirrors on the car which until then were practically unknown.

He placed the mirror on the hood, in a central position, for check what was happening behind him. This led to the adoption of the rear-view mirror on all cars and finally to the obligation that arrived in Italy in 1977 on January 1st.

The peculiarity of some rear-view mirrors

Today the rear view mirror consists of a mirror and the support that supports it with the arm. In the most modern cars it can even be equipped with a camera with display. Thus the rear-view mirror shows the reflected image of everything behind the car and the one taken by the camera mounted on the bumper.

In this way perfect maneuvers can be carried out, be careful, even in the evening when the lighting is lower than during the day and driving is more difficult. Advanced technology even allows you to activate the rear view mirror of some cars such as Audi or Volvo or Volkswagen by engaging reverse gear.


How modern Audi rear view mirrors work

When reverse gear is engaged in more expensive and modern cars, the passenger side mirror tilts automatically and thus allows you to keep the pavement under control as well. The function is very important especially for those who are not very familiar with driving, because it not only allows you to keep away from the pavement to avoid hitting it and dragging the car, but also to pay attention to objects such as poles, or pedestrians who suddenly may find themselves getting off not realizing the moving vehicle.

In the particular case of Audi, the mirror is supplied in the same color as the bodywork, with the integrated led direction indicators, it is not only useful but also modern and elegant. Activating it is very easy, just leave the mirror selector on the right, you can say adjust while driving, only engaging reverse gear. Technology goes on and our vehicles are also improving, making travel ever safer.

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