€10,000 fine if you do this on the street, if you get caught you’re ruined: you’ve always done it

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There are some gestures that all motorists in the world do automatically, without realizing how serious and dangerous they are. But from now on, these small gestures can lead to a fine of up to €10,000.

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That’s why it’s better to get informed on what can and cannot be done when driving any vehiclei, both in order not to put ourselves and others at risk, and not to burden the wallet too much.

Some of these gestures are part of our daily life, but they are literally prohibited by the highway code, not everyone knows it because we can’t help but admit it, we are not informed enough.

The action prohibited by the highway code, that’s what it is

If you are caught by the police while doing certain things, you risk serious consequences that can have dangerous and negative implications. Among these actions, there is one that is expensive cost to a young boy of 29 years.

The young man in question stopped in a parking lot because he urgently needed to urinate and he did it right there. Unfortunately he passed by pure chance, from the same parking lot a carabinieri squad car which of course caught him in the act.

For which the young man, due to bad luck and perhaps a little cunning, was heavily fined. The twenty-nine year old received a very high fine but not only, because in this case the penal code was also applied.


What were the consequences that the young man had to pay

The young man had to pay a fine of almost €10,000, then luckily for him the alcohol test was not done because if this tested positive he would have had to pay much morewith the seizure of both the license and the car.

Article 266 of the code prohibits performing indecent acts in a public place, including urinating. Over the years the act has become only an administrative offense, despite this the fines to be paid have remained quite important.

It must also be said that the situation of public toilets is not the best, so when one has these urgent needs, unfortunately there is no choice, which is why many, especially men, are satisfied with stop in the middle of the road or wherever they are.

The only advice that can be given is to go around a bit to look for an undergrowth or an inconspicuous area, perhaps withdrawn if you can no longer hold back, avoiding risking these serious consequences especially in this period where everything costs too much.

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