Car mats, they’re taking them all off: the reason is absurd

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Car mats are essential for many motorists or for those who have a real obsession with cars. These allow you to keep the car more or less clean, even when it rains.

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Yet slowly they risk being removed completely because they can be very dangerous. There is a real active business on car mats because they capture dirt and prevent it from ending up on the car upholstery.

Once dirty they are pulled away, they are brushed, washed and the car is practically like new again. Like everything, car mats also have disadvantages.

Because the mats are a disadvantage and risk disappearing

The main disadvantage, which is a real problem is that they can be so dangerous as to cause accidents. At first glance it seems absurd, exaggerated or impossible but it is not at all.

If they are not the right size for your carin fact, they move and then end up under the pedals because even if they don’t want to, they move with their feet while driving. It ends up that the pedals no longer respond to the commands and they go due to accidents, all just for an all in all superfluous object.

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The alternative solution to classic car mats

There are motorists who can do without it and then there are those who just can’t give it up. In this case it is advisable to always buy the appropriate ones, of the right size in order not to risk legal consequences.

No law imposes that cars must be equipped with floor mats, obviously not having them means dirtying the car frequently and therefore having to resort to thorough cleaning which is certainly more difficult and expensive.

If you don’t want to risk these consequences, you can try an alternative solution. To buy the actual mats, it is advisable to go to the car dealership and yield to the purchase only those of the same make as the car.

Alternatively, you can go to the shops that sell approved car accessories, the right ones for the perfect size car. These are all calibrated to the millimeter, so they can’t move and there’s no risk of them suddenly ending up under the pedals for any reason.

Those who don’t want to pay that much expense can try buying floor mats with buttons that lock them in such a way that they won’t move unless you release them on purpose. This is the remedy is the best ever because it costs so much less and it’s still practical.

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