Auto counters, have you ever seen that they have a secret hiding place? Incredible

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The car doors are not only used to access the vehicle, but they hide secret compartments that not all of us should know in order to make the most of it.

Car counters
Secret compartment door – Motori.News

The manufacturers of the cars have some absurd ideas, which go to solve many problems that concern motorists from all over the world.

For example, the gearbox of the Golf GTI has a detail, i.e. a golf ball positioned above the lever, in this case it is nothing functional, because the gearbox as well as the car work in the same way as the others, but it is certainly a detail that changes the aesthetics and makes the car much more beautiful than the classics.

Other solutions mounted on some particular cars

Obviously it is not the only practical and useful compartment present on the machines, because there is another or a hook that allows you to hang both the shopping bag and the one to go out.

The hook in question is found in Nissans, in particular on the Nissan Almera of the 1990s. The manufacturers have seen fit to install the hook to prevent the shopping bag from pouring directly onto the seat while traveling by car.

Finally there is another essential detail, again this does not belong to any car but should be present on all vehicles. That is, on the tailgate of the car there is a lever installed underneath which serves to open the flap regardless of where the car is parked.

For example, it solves the problem of opening it when a car has been parked next to it and you are unable to open your own. Unfortunately we do not know the reason but the producers ad very few have thought of this solution.

Car door: be careful when we are about to open it

That’s what this particular compartment on the Skoda is for

On the Skoda insteadand there is something more that is very useful for everyonefor young and old, or a secret compartment that not many motorists will have noticed, which is used to put down or hide the umbrella so as not to have it between your feet, not dirty it, not break it but always have it at hand. handy when needed.

Generally we all have the habit of leaving umbrellas and all accessories around the car, creating chaos and confusion, or even dirtying the upholstery. Here Skoda has found the solution to the problem for make the car as tidy as possible.

The compartment is only noticeable if you are particularly curious and attentive observers. The Italians who have discovered this secret use it all year round but it is the British who consider it essential, who never leave the house without having an umbrella behind them.

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