Forbidden to drive at night, the fine reaches €344 if you get caught like this: be careful

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Many people for work reasons or for any other reason are forced to drive at night, not being fully aware of the highway code. The cds has 200 and more articles ready to regulate driving and foresees very high fines for violators of the law.

No driving at night
No driving at night

Not everyone knows that to circulate on city roads, dn the countryside, motorways or expressways, any vehicle must have the necessary documents on board that we often forget and more.

The highway code does not allow for distractions or ignorance or disinformation, so even if we remember the main articles, it is better to inquire carefully about all the others to avoid getting caught hefty fines even for a trivial mistake at first glance.

How must cars circulate at night in order not to risk high fines

Cars that must circulate on the road must in fact be in perfect condition, totally intact, to be able to move from one place to another with or without passengers in compliance with the law.

They can not for example driving cars that have broken windows, a windshield with small cracks or even with fenders dangling as a result of accidents. Furthermore, all cars must always have perfect and functioning headlights, both front and rear.

Of fundamental importance are the stops, both lateral and central because they inform who stands behind their car of the driver’s intentions.

Headlights on
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Fines that are risked for violating the rules of the road

In particular, it must be specified that it is forbidden to circulate at night with the lights off. These must remain on from 6pm until dawn then until 6am, whether there is light whether it is totally dark.

There is an obligation to turn on the lights even during the day, in the afternoon or in the morning under particular conditions, for example during a rainy day, a particularly dark day, or in December when it gets dark in the early afternoon.

We must always remember then that the high beams should never be turned on inside the city, because it is forbidden. Law enforcement agencies in this case can fine offenders, as well as fine who is caught without the lights on or with the lights broken.

The fine it goes from 41 to 173 for the lights off with the addition of the deduction of 3 points from the licence. If, on the other hand, the car has only one headlight on or a broken bulb, the fine ranges from 81 to €344 for failure to comply with article 79 of the Highway Code.

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