NACTOY 2023 Winner Announcement: Watch Live

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It’s finally time to delve into the winners of the North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the Year awards. The announcement will be made today at 10:55 a.m. EST in Detroit, Michigan.

The committee released the list of finalists in November. The vehicles competing for North America’s Car of the Year are:

The North American Truck of the Year contenders are:

Models for North American Utilities of the Year are:

This marks the first time that an electric vehicle has been a finalist in all three categories. Having six EVs competing for honors is also a new record.

The NACTOY jury is made up of 50 automotive journalists from the United States and Canada. Each year, they start with a new or substantially updated vehicle listing. They reduced this long list to a group of semi-finalists and finally three models in each category up for the award.

In 2022, the Honda Civic won North American Car of the Year. The Ford Maverick is the North American Truck of the Year, and the Bronco scored the North American Utility of the Year award.

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