Turn on your headlights 10 seconds before setting off, this trick saves you money

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There’s a trick that can save you a lot of money: turn on your headlights ten seconds before starting the car. Here are the results you would never expect.

Use headlights
Turn on the headlights – Motori.News

Now that the winter season has taken off and temperatures are very cold, the time has come for motorists to pay more attention to their cars, especially if they were registered many years ago. The harsh temperatures have a significant impact on the battery and on the fuel consumption, the price of which returned to growth following the elimination of the cut in excise duties by the government and speculation. However, it is possible to get around these problems by practicing a certain trick, which saves you a lot of money. Having your car difficult to start after a cold night is one of the most common problems that arise during the winter season. Thanks to the use of headlights you can save money and reduce fuel consumption.

How do cold temperatures affect the car?

Cars are complex machines. The many electrical components in a car’s engine, steering, and braking systems need a constant supply of energy to function effectively. If the battery loses charge due to lack of sunlight or cold temperatures, it will take longer for the engine to reach its operating temperature.

turn on headlights
turn on the headlights – Motori.News.it

This will take longer than usual for the vehicle to start up, increasing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This is a well-known problem to anyone who lives in areas where temperatures drop significantly during the winter, especially in mountainous areas and even more so for those who park their car outside and not sheltered, such as in a box or garage.

Fortunately, the car manufacturers have tried to solve this problem: the negative impacts of cold temperatures on car engine components have been significantly reduced on newer models, equipped with advanced technologies. However, not all motorists drive a latest generation car equipped with every comfort and advanced technology, which is why it is important to pay close attention.

One of the first methods to apply, every winter morning after setting off, is to avoid strong accelerations and favor a regular pace so as to allow the car to warm up gradually and reach its technical capabilities. THE lighthouses they’re really useful, that’s why.

Turn on the headlights 10 seconds before setting off: this is the surprising result

The headlights are crucial elements for the road safety. Designed to light up the road, they’re also useful for being clearly visible to other drivers. But beyond their basic function, the makeup of turn on the headlights for at least 10 seconds before starting your car in the winter, it helps protect your engine and save you a lot of money.

This technique allows the vehicle’s starting system to activate and warm up before the engine starts, which can be particularly useful when the car is parked outside in very cold temperatures. Switching on the headlights for at least 10 seconds minimizes the risk of damage the batterythe replacement of which is a lot expensive. By using this simple technique, you can avoid these costs and save money. It is also important not to forget to turn off the lights once they start, if their use is not necessary.