Petrol at €1.50, everyone rushes to fill up here: it’s just a stone’s throw from your home

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The price of petrol and diesel in Italy has really reached exorbitant figures, which not everyone can afford to pay because especially now following the general price increase, making ends meet has become practically impossible.

Petrol for €1.50
Petrol at €1.50 – Motori.News

That’s why the majority of motorists go in search of valid tricks that allow you to save consistently and intelligently.

There are those who even prefer not to use the car to get around using public transport instead, for example to go to school or university. This happens mostly in well-connected areas.

Then there are those who do do not give up the use of your car and therefore to independence he prefers to be cunning and risk big by stealing petrol, for example by jumping on the pipe.

The news that gives a little hope to desperate Italians due to the crisis

In reality, there is news that perhaps someone has already received, but which many do not know, which could change the lives of many motorists who inevitably have to move for work or for any other reason by car.

There is a place where you can buy petrol for €1.50. This is San Marino. When the news became public, a veritable pilgrimage to the supplies of San Marino began in just a few hours, which caused long queues to form at the various filling stations near the border.

Full fuel
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Aid to San Marino, that’s how long it will be possible to get petrol for 1.50 euros

Unfortunately, the aid to San Marino is temporary because the government will slowly go to the next few days adjust prices by applying excise duties. Despite this, there will probably still be a difference in price, even if it will be minimal given that in Italy the VAT is 22% while in San Marino it is 21%.

So all that remains is to hit the road, fill up with petrol and put aside some fuel to use on your vehicles in the coming weeks.

At the moment in Italy both diesel and petrol they reached €2 per liter even in self-service. When served, the prices are literally unthinkable.

Anyway the petrol bonus will arrive soon which could solve some problems especially with regard to workers. Then in March the cut on excise duties will be applied once again, as has already happened in the previous weeks. So we just have to wait and hope that the situation improves.

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