€170 to shell out if you don’t have this displayed on your dashboard, no one knows yet

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Driving around in cars is a matter of responsibility for yourself and for others, but above all for your wallet because even forgetting to put an accessory on the dashboard before getting out of the car can result in fines of €170 and more.

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Sometimes when you start driving you don’t consider some details which may seem trivial, but which are actually relevant.

There is one thing in particular that should always be displayed on the dashboard once the car is parked but what unfortunately many of us in a hurry forget or pretend to forget in the hope of getting away with it.

What to do before getting out of the vehicle and what is important to have on the dashboard of your car

Every time you get on or off the vehicle, you should first check for the presence of the parking disc on the dashboard and adjust it as required by law.

If you were to realize that you are not equipped with it, you should do everything possible to remedy and not have it absolutely unpleasant and serious consequences. Unfortunately, few do.

The accessory is essential because it indicates the end of parking of a car in a given free parking. If the motorist does not respect the timetable it can be subjected to sanctions by the police in case of control.


What you risk if you don’t respect the law

When you set the time on the clock disc, you don’t have to be smart but try to be as correct and precise as possible because this behavior always pays off. The trick that many motorists apply is to move the parking disc forward by half an hour until you have to leave, in the hope of not being caught.

Unfortunately, however, it must be aware of the fact that if you use the parking disc in the wrong wayta and therefore you do not respect the highway code, in particular article 157, you risk having to pay a fine ranging from €42 to €173.

If, on the other hand, article 7 paragraph 15 is not respected, parking for longer than indicated you risk a fine ranging from €26 to €102. If you pay the fine within 5 days (whatever it is), you can take advantage of the 30% discount on the total.

But that’s not all because there are other sly ones who use the automatic parking disc, which moves the hands slowly to give the motorist the opportunity to use the parking space for longer than necessary. Obviously this practice is an illegal practice absolutely not recommended.

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