Highway Code, goodbye passengers after midnight: you cannot bring anyone

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The highway code is constantly updated, for this reason those who often travel by car or any other means should inform themselves daily, in order not to make serious mistakes without even realizing it.

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Knowingly or unknowingly committing an infraction it can result in hefty fines and much more.

Particularly there is a great risk if article 186 is not respected of the highway code which prohibits a certain behavior that has to do with new drivers for whom much more serious consequences are foreseen than those who have had a license for more than 3 years.

Novice driving licenses, be careful to respect the rules, the highway code does not give anyone discounts

Novice drivers must pay attention to everything and try to respect the rules of the road as much as possible because if they commit infringements of any kind they even risk losing their licence, if not beyond that.

Reference is made to the new amendment, which is called Edoardo, which was presented just a few weeks ago in the Senate. The amendment was much wanted by Matteo Salvini and the mother of a young boy who lost his life at nightin a car driven by a novice driver.

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Why the Edoardo amendment has arrived and what you risk if you don’t respect it

The amendment in question is aimed at novice drivers who drive in the evening hours, in particular after midnight until 5 am with more than one passenger on board. Many have done it up to now, but from now on it is forbidden.

With the new amendment we want to prevent any accident caused by inexperience and distraction. It arrived following the accident that occurred last year in Rome, because of which a 17-year-old boy Edoardo Divino lost his lifewho was traveling in a car driven by an inexperienced novice driver, at night, who had several passengers on board.

The new law prohibits new drivers with A2, B1, A licenses from transporting more than one person on board their vehicle in the evening. Anyone who does so and violates the law and therefore risks a fine ranging from 800 to €3200, with imprisonment from six months up to a year.

Unfortunately, fatal accidents have increased over the years, not only due to inexperience or distraction, but also due to alcohol abuse and the use of drugs.

Here’s why as of January 2023 police checks around the streets will double especially in the nightlife areas.

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