GMC Hummer EV Already Hit With A Recall For Taillight Problems


GMC had started shipping Hummer EVs since late last year but apparently, some of them had to be taken back by dealers for minor repairs as part of the recall.

Announced by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)The 2022 Hummer EV built from October 5, 2021 to January 20, 2022 failed to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 108, “Lamps, reflective devices and related equipment.”

As a result, GM decided to recall 10 vehicles made within the aforementioned repair date – all of them thought to have defects. The company says that Hummer EVs built after January 20 are “built with spare parts that contain corrected or repaired software prior to shipping.”

According to the documents, the vehicle has software embedded in the microcontroller which can cause one or both taillights to become inoperative, or remain fully or partially illuminated. If the taillight stops working, all taillight functions (brake light, turn signal light, backup light, side marker, clearance light and tail light) will be disabled. If the taillights remain fully or partially lit, some or all of these taillight functions will remain active at all times, even after the vehicle has been turned off.

It goes without saying that the defect is a safety risk and GM knows it, encouraging a voluntary recall of non-compliance.

NHTSA Section 573 Security Withdrawal Report indicates that the fix for the error is essentially replacing the taillight assembly if necessary. Owners don’t have to worry about costs because these vehicles are covered under warranty.

If you were one of the 10 original owners of the GMC Hummer EV, you can now contact your dealer whether you are part of the recall as they have been notified about it. Owners will also be notified in person on April 25, 2022.


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