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We have all heard of the driving ban imposed in Italy on certain days of the year, holidays, days before holidays, Saturdays and Sundays for safety reasons. This is associated with the ban on the circulation of polluting vehicles out of respect for the environment.

Traffic ban
Driving ban – Motori.News

It happens in Rome where the mayor has established a day dedicated to blocking the traffic of all the most polluting vehicles, because the air pollution values ​​have exceeded the limits established in a heavy and risky way.

For this reason the Capitol he couldn’t close his eyes and ignore itissued an ordinance for Wednesday 4 January imposing a partial ban on private vehicular traffic.

Environmental surveys here are which vehicles cannot circulate

All Euro 3 petrol-powered, Euro 4 diesel-powered, mopeds and motorbikes both three and four-wheeled, diesel Euro 2.

On 3 January, the mayor Roberto Gualtieri issued a trade union ordinance by which he established the ban on traffic, from 6:30 to 9:30 and then from 16 to 19. Then there is also the ban on circulation in the ZTL , in the green band, valid for all Euro 3 petrol vehicles, Euro 4 diesel vehicles, mopeds and tricycles four wheels powered by Euro 2 diesel.

The environmental surveys that have recently been carried out have established that the limit value for pollution has been greatly exceeded. So the critical situation leaves no way out, you just have to intervene to avoid the worst.


Exceeding PM10 levels, driving ban and more

Unfortunately throughout 2022 for the beginning of 2023, the situation in Italy and in particular in Rome and Milan was extremely negative. Now in view of the epiphany it will not improve. For this reason, the time has come to run for cover by imposing the prohibition of circulation to vehicles not deemed suitable.

The maximum values ​​of pm10 have been greatly exceeded in Bufalotta, Cinecittà, Preneste, Magna Grecia, Fermi, Cyprus, Tenuta del Cavaliere, Malagrotta and Tiburtina area.

For the day of January 5, the municipality has instead ordered a ban on the use of woody biomass heat generators if the houses should be equipped with alternative, non-polluting heating systems.

Same thing goes for the prohibition of outdoor burning such as barbecues, fireworks, bonfires and so on. Regarding public offices instead the ban on turning on the heating, including radiators, has arrived.