The new price increases bring petrol to almost €4 per litre, this is the only way to save yourself

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Gasoline continues to be at the center of discussions and debates due to the many price increases that began in January 2022 and which still today have never stopped.

The new price increases bring petrol to €4/litre
The new price increases bring petrol to €4/litre – Motori.News

Despite the excise cut and the various agreements entered into, the cost of petrol and diesel continues to rise.

Unfortunately at least for now there is nothing to dothanks to the situation in Ukraine and the war with Russia which has made everything difficult and has led to an increase in the cost of many products and basic necessities.

Italian motorists give up the use of cars, that’s why

At the end of the summer, most Italian motorists had breathed a sigh of relief because the cost of petrol, diesel and gas had returned to more or less acceptable levels. Then despite the efforts of the European Unionmade to contain the price, the situation has worsened again.

The unfavorable economic environmenthas put everyone in difficulty, both companies and families. For example, many families have chosen not to use the car or limit its use. to save on fuel as far as possible by choosing to travel with rental vehicles.

There are those for example prefers to travel by public transport while renouncing independence. In a nutshell, everyone has gone in search of the best way to save money, equipping themselves as much as possible.

Full petrol
petrol –

Here’s a trick that allows you to make petrol at incredibly advantageous costs

Many have adopted unthinkable remedies and tricks to deal with the period of black crisis, there is someone who has even chosen the illegal. Let’s talk about all those motorists who steal petrol by jumping on the distributor pipes.

And then there are those who prefer to travel several kilometers to buy petrol at lower prices. It may seem absurd but it is true.

In this regard, one cannot fail to refer to the service stations that allow you to put petrol at €1.59 and diesel at 1.49, but these are not Italian service stations. There is talk of supplies located in Slovenia. Obviously you have to move no more than a few kilometers but many kilometers.

Before doing so, it is good to ask yourself if in the end all this is really convenient or not, because obviously if you are very far away, you risk making a big mistake.

If the distance allows it and moving around isn’t an inconvenience, you can try to reach Slovenia with the vehicle you use the most and stock up to have plenty of petrol available to be kept at home, obviously in safety.