Large Displays On Cars Will Be Gone Soon, BMW Bosses Believe

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The ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2023 is home to many exciting debuts in the tech sector. BMW arrived in Las Vegas with the i Vision Dee concept, which serves as a preview of the brand’s next-generation electric vehicle technology. Among the new in-car gadgets is a large head-up display that spans the entire width of the windshield. It turns out that BMW is serious about replacing conventional screens in its cars with large HUDs and the company’s CEO even believes the days of large displays integrated into dashboards are numbered.

Speaking during a media press conference at CES 2023, Oliver Zipse said he was “absolutely sure” that large screen-based center console would disappear soon. Zipse sees it as a major distraction for drivers and even regulations could force automakers to change their interior designs and abandon display as a solution. “In 10 years, it’s gone,” Zipse told media representatives.

That’s a pretty bold statement. It seems that BMW wants to revolutionize the industry with its new head-up display technology, but we don’t know how consumers will respond to this new technology. Its first application in a production vehicle will come with the Neue Klasse model from the middle of this decade. The first of these new generation models to roll out were sedans and crossovers.

The HUD in the i Vision Dee concept has an edge, that’s for sure. “With our technology, everyone in the car can see the same information, even the people behind it,” said BMW design boss Domagoj Dukec. Automotive News recently. Oliver Zipse, in turn, added that the new system is a “quantum leap in terms of design, technology and sustainability”, also referring to electric vehicles based on Neue Klasse.

We like BMW’s understanding that “if you have to look down to operate your car, we think that’s a big mistake.” But with the growing demand for vehicles with bigger and more voluminous displays, we don’t believe the industry is ready to abandon that trend in just 10 years from now.