This object is mandatory in the car, a €4500 fine immediately if you don’t buy it: do it now

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Driving any vehicle is a gesture of great responsibility in all countries of the world, both towards oneself and towards others.

This item is mandatory in the car
This object is mandatory in the car – Motori.News

Before driving a vehicle, you need to evaluate many small things that can cause huge fines if not respected.

For example, it is necessary to check that the windshield is perfectly clean in order to have a clear view of the road, then one must be sure that there is enough fuel to reach the established destination, because stranded on the motorway for example can be not only dangerous, but also reason for sanction.

Then you must be fully capable of driving, so you must not have drunk alcohol or used drugs. Obviously you must also be in possession of the right driving license, the vehicle must be insured and inspected as well as owned.

What has become mandatory in France

In France all these rules are not enough, so others have been added which at first glance may seem useless but are not at all. A much-criticized rule has to do with an object that all motorists must have with them.

We are talking about the breathalyzer, because it is mandatory. The measure has been much criticized for several reasons since when it arrived in 2012. Since then many things have changed.

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Here’s what you risk if you are caught without a breathalyzer in your car or driving under the influence

The breathalyzer in the car is mandatory, because if you were to be stopped by the police, you must be able to show it. Unfortunately this story is paradoxical because even if by law you have to have it on board, the only thing you risk if you don’t show it to the police it is a recall.

Once upon a time there was a risk of a €11 fine which was initially imposed on motorists and which has therefore been lifted. To date, the breathalyzer on board must have it regardless even if there is no concrete risk but apparently this obligation could soon be canceled.

The fine is risked only in case of positivity and varies according to the degree of drunkenness of the motorist. Between 0.5 and 0.8 G per liter the fine is €135, over 0.8 grams the fine goes over €4500 with two years in prison and even the revocation or suspension of the licence.

The breathalyzer requirement should not be confused with the breathalyser reserved for professional drivers. The idea of ​​making it mandatory for everyone came as a result of recidivist drivers who they continued to drive while intoxicated despite various warnings.