We Take An Up-Close Look At The Polestar Precept Concept


Polestar invited Motor1.com Senior Editor Brett T. Evans for a detailed look at the Precepts Concept. Getting this close to a concept was a rare opportunity, so how could he refuse to film it up close?

The Precept Concept originally debuted in 2020 as a sleek four-door fastback featuring future models from the brand. As Evans notes, this shape is what one would expect from the upcoming production model Polestar 5 in 2024. This stylish sedan competes with German EVs like the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT.

The Sila concept has no rear glass. Although, it’s clear where the panels will be on the production version. To see what’s going on behind the vehicle, there’s a rear-facing camera on the stem where you’d usually find the side mirrors.

There are no powertrain details for the Polestar 5. In the video, Evans suggests the base version might arrive with around 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts), and the top variant will make around 700 hp (522 kW).

The Precept concept also features the advanced safety technologies you’d expect from a Polestar 5. There’s a prominent lidar array on the roof. Plus, the front bumper includes a 3d camera and radar sensor. A rear-facing camera is on the rear deck.

Unfortunately, Evans didn’t get a chance to get into the Concept of Precepts. Official shots of the vehicle’s debut showing off its interior. There’s a 12.5-inch driver screen and a 15-inch portrait-oriented display in the center of the dashboard. There was an individual seat for each rear passenger, and there was a large console between them.

The gallery above shows Polestar 5 official teaser image from late 2021. The similarities between the design and the concept are clear. There are slight changes such as adopting the traditional rearview mirror instead of the camera on the stem. It also acquires a precise center, high-mounted taillight, which is not in the Precepts.

The development of Sila Polestar to Polestar 5 is taking place at the brand’s R&D center in the UK. brand will build it in a new factory in China.


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