€600 fine for doing this while taking the bike, fines for everyone

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Attention to all bike lovers, if you don’t respect some rules you will find yourself a fine of 600 euros, here’s what we’re talking about in detail.

Fine by bike
Bike fine 600 euros – Motori.News

The furlegrinadjI in bicicletta is in toumentor in allta Italia, but not allyou areor consBeevolthe of the fdeed that, if you violate the road rules for cyclists, yes reschIan weightanti multAnd.

una Of questAnd multAnd is the familydare decnetor in Italia, that dto the 2018 preseeAnd ato hefty fine of 600 euros for who youene sorpresor to infrangeking the normAnd dedicated tothe ciclistthe.

City bike ride
take the bike – motori.news

What is the fine for cyclists?

There multto preseeAnd altking two normAnd piu lieyou that preseeor not respectivamentAnd Lammonimentor with the LalsoI Of ato monetina from 2 euros and the payment of a fine of 50 euros.

In sostanza, whichathat ciclistto that vengto ripresor mindking youadji on ato gunto ciclabile, senza the Luci Of shortegi of thethe bicicletyou, circulardutchor in seni know contrary, traveling at inappropriate speed, ovveror in circularostanze detailolarmindAnd foricoldare, to the punto from metteras in forichol Lincolumitto propria or otherthe, yes vandrto accollare ato multto from difficile contenimentor.

Respect the highway code to avoid fines

ORltking to questor, the ciclistthe devor not comathat respectare the codeice della strada in materi Of selfgnto theetica. The you knowegvto you, to egempI, that, self you found in a cycling area, where is it is vietato parthatdaytheare, reschiate ato multto salata?

The stessor vale for hereelli that they park on pedestrian crossings. Inoltking, anthat self yes guida noshe areAnd dedicated tothe ciclistthe, is booona normto selfguire the doppthe sensethe Of TueCentral Intelligence Agency selfgnto theati, maintainenersthe to destra And fhermarsthe at interselfzionthe.

insommto, anthat who praticto ato disciplinaryina sportVAT salutare like there bicicletta, Dobwell well to assicurarsthe Of selfguire noel modor gtheustor allyou the road rules of conduct, to thetrimentthe potrebberor egselfking comminate weightanti multAnd.