Have you ever seen the hidden key on the door? You will never stop using it

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Modern car doors have many more features than ever before. In fact, the user can manage various elements, but the function of some specific keys is not always clear.

Car door
Car door hidden button – Motori.News

Today we are going to discover the usefulness of a particular button on the door. This feature can also be activated from the remote control of your car. But what is it about? Here are all the details about it.

The latest generation cars are equipped with many functions, some visible and others more “hidden”. Getting to know your car thoroughly is very important. In fact, it will be possible to discover a whole series of advantages, in order to make your experience in the car more practical and comfortable.

Today we talk about car door. It is not only used to allow people to enter and exit the vehicle. This element is essential to guarantee the hermetic closure of the vehicle and make access difficult for thieves. Inside his vehicle, the driver can manage a whole series of options from the door, so that you always have an eye on the situation. But what are we referring to?

In modern cars, there are many physical buttons and touch controls. Knowing each function that can be activated, as mentioned, is important, but not always easy for everyone. In fact, one could remain perplexed and confused in front of some mysterious buttons. They are actually very useful in different situations.

But what are we referring to today? Here’s everything you need to know about a button on your car door. Its function will blow your mind. Here are the details.

The hidden button on your car door: here is its very useful function

The driver of the car can manage various functions, thanks to a whole series of keys and buttons on the door. On it may be present the safety system of the side airbag, one or more USB ports, the speakers, but not only. Indeed, the user can electronically adjust the angle of the mirrors and the opening or closing of the windows. And it is precisely with regard to this last function that we refer to with regard to the mysterious key in question. What is it for?

Car door key
The important function of a button on the car door – Motori.News

The user can lock and unlock the opening of all windows and doors of his car. A very practical and important function, especially in the presence of children in the back of the vehicle. But that’s not the only thing it can do when it comes to windows.

The opening and closing of them in the past was all manual. Through individual knobs you could adjust the height of your glass. Today, however, it is all electronic. Just push a button and window management will take place automatically. In addition to the possibility of managing all the windows of his car individually, the driver can also carry out another operation. Which?

On the door of some modern car models, the user can activate the function of opening and closing all the windows present at the same time. A very practical and useful function, which allows you to change the air inside in a comfortable and fast way. Therefore, any driver distraction is reduced to a minimum.

Door button
Button on the car door – Motori.News

Pressing only one key and not four at different times can certainly be considered an interesting option. Wasted time and distractions, as mentioned, will be reduced to the bone.

The opening and closing of all the windows of the car will be possible to activate it – according to the needs – also from the remote control. In the instruction booklet of the single car model, it will be possible to understand how to unlock this function also from the remote control.