High-Riding Audi A3 Spied In The Snow Looking Like An Allroad


All the way. In the Audi world, it’s the name given to a station wagon that sits slightly higher and exudes a bit more ruggedness than the standard version. The A4 and A6 are traditional carriers of allroad upgrades, but a few months ago our spy team discovered the very tall A3. And now, it’s seen again in the video.

The three minute clip is from CarSpyMedia, captured several prototypes enjoying fading winter days in snowy Scandinavia. The level of camouflage appears to be the same as our previous sighting, with a focus on changes to the front and rear fascia. The camo wraps low along the sides revealing plastic cladding similar to the allroad hiding underneath. Look very closely at the wheel arches and you’ll notice the lines in the camouflage reflect the opening, exactly as you’d expect with the large trim pieces.

As for the fascia, it’s hard to see if there’s been a bigger design change or just the addition of a coat where you might find paint. A detailed look at the rear shows the angular vents could incorporate the headlights, though that’s probably something that was used only on the prototype. Similarly, the camouflage wrap at the front hides the large angular intakes, so we can’t see any changes underneath. The headlights and grille look identical, but there’s no mistaking the extra ground clearance. There’s also no way to skip the protruding roof rails on the prototype, adding further fuel to the allroad fire.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the Audi A1 Citycarver, which debuted in 2019 with a crossover vibe. The car is billed as something of the same at home on small-town streets or country dirt roads, and it’s possible that the A3 prototype seen here will take the same path. The Allroad designation has traditionally graced station wagons, and while the A3 Sportback is certainly wagonesque in its design, one could easily argue that it fits better in the crossover world.

Whatever the name, Audi does a great job of keeping the details under wraps. We haven’t heard anything at the rumor mill about this A3 development, so we’ll keep looking until details emerge, or the camouflage is gone. At the very least, we hope it happens this year.


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