Nissan GT-R Discontinued In Europe Because Of Emissions Regulations


The Nissan GT-R in the guise of R35 was launched back in 2007 but is still considered one of the most capable supercars in the world. A new successor may or may not be on the cards, although in certain areas around the world, the Japanese manufacturer has discontinued the current generation of Godzilla. Following Nissan Australia’s decision to cancel the GT-R at Land Down Under due to stricter crash regulations, it seems that Europe is also saying goodbye to the high-performance vehicle.

Based on, the GT-R is no longer available in many European countries. While you may still be able to order one in Germany and Belgium, for example, Nissan dealers in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and other countries do not accept orders for supercars. Also, the company’s official websites in those countries don’t list the GT-R. The Dutch publication also got confirmation from Nissan that the Godzilla is leaving the European market, at least for now, due to the continent’s stricter emission standards. makes note that the GT-R is already a very expensive car in the country and very difficult for dealers to sell it. Last available in the Netherlands, the base price for the standard GT-R is €183,000, while the GT-R Nismo starts at around €303,000. Translating this into US dollars, this equals $200,000 and about $332,000, respectively. For the record, we couldn’t find a starting price for the GT-R on Nissan Germany’s website.

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The good news is that you can still order the new 2021 GT-R in the United States. Pricing for the 2021 model year starts at $113,540, making the supercar way more affordable than in Europe. No 2022 models available on Nissan US sitealthough the GT-R Nismo is still available starting at $210,740 MSRP.


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