Amalgam Highlights Stunning 2022 Car Models, Teases Build 2023

Towards the end of 2022, the Amalgam Collection is revisiting what it released throughout the year. The short highlight reel showcases the model maker’s latest creations, which started in 1995. The company’s models are renowned for their incredible detail and accuracy.

The video opens with a deconstructed 1:8 scale shot of the McLaren Senna. Over 1,000 model parts laid out for inspection showcase the extreme level of detail that goes into Amalgam creations. The video then transitions to the Speedtail, showing off features that support custom-made smartphones, such as automatic doors and work lights.

Earlier this year, Amalgam introduced a new collection of fine art silkscreen prints, launched with color prints depicting a Formula 1 Lotus 72D race car and the engine bay of a Maserati 300s. Amalgam adorns the Lotus prints in real gold leaf, and two-time F1 World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi even signed some of them.

The video then switches back to showing off the company’s models. We see the Bugatti Type 59, a trio of Ferraris – 296 GTB, SF90 Spider and Portofino M, the iconic Ford GT40 MkII, Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato and Ferrari 812 Competizione.

The last part of the video provides an overview of what’s to come from the company. Amalgam is doing this in 2021, taking on the look of a 2022 Formula 1 race car, which underwent a significant redesign as the sport’s governing body changed rules to create more exciting races. The silver concept at the end of the video is much more mysterious. It looks like a futuristic F1 car, featuring a super pointed nose, gaping side pods and a two-section wing. It looks slick, and we’d love to see it on our race track or office racks.

Amalgam creations are extraordinary works of art that celebrate some of the finest cars in the world. They’re a lot cheaper than their real-life counterparts, but the detail and accuracy of the models to the real thing make them expensive pieces that still cost quite a bit of money to assemble.

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