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Domizia Castagnini, Pecco Bagnaia’s fiancée, tells some anecdotes from her private life. From the first meeting to the victory of the MotoGP title.

Domizia Castagnini and Pecco Bagnaia (Instagram)
Domizia Castagnini and Pecco Bagnaia – Motori.News

He joined, suffered and won his second world title together with Pecco Bagnaia. Domitia Castagnini she is now a central figure within the Ducati garage, she is the girlfriend of the new MotoGP champion, originally from Chivasso, for years they have lived together in the city of Pesaro where the rider moved to follow training with the VR46 Riders Academy by Valentino Rossi. Domizia works in the field of fashion and clothing for well-known brands, together with Pecco they form a steady couple on every sporting and non-sporting occasion.

After winning the world title and a long series of appointments, Pecco and Domizia are in Dubai for a well-deserved vacation. Before taking the plane he gave an interview to the Piedmontese newspaper ‘La Stampa’ in which he revealed some anecdotes from their private life. Starting with the first appointment in 2016, on a rainy evening in Turin: “We went to a restaurant for dinner. On the way back home Pecco perhaps wanted to make a good impression with me driving the new car. He skated on pebbles and hit a pole. Luckily we didn’t do anything. I laughed like crazy, but he was mortified“.

Pecco Bagnaia’s girlfriend talks about herself…

Domizia Castagnini’s uncle is Gianfranco Leoncini, a football legend from Juventus and Italy. She is a great friend of Carola Bagnaia, sister of the Ducati rider and her assistant, with whom we often see her side by side in the Ducati box. “We went to school together and immediately developed a good relationship. Pecco and I, on the other hand, went out in two different groups“, Domitia said.

Bagnaia brought the MotoGP title back to Italy after Di Valentino Rossi in 2009, fifteen years later, he again gave the World Championship to the Borgo Panigale manufacturer, which had not triumphed since 2007 by Casey Stoner. “It was one of the best days of our lives“, the fiancée recalled about the Valencia GP on November 6th.

A journey that also carries difficult months behind it, such as those lived in Pramac Racing, when the results were slow to arrive. “There wasn’t a particular bad moment. Maybe in 2019 and 2020 when she rode for Pramac. They were complicated months because the results didn’t come and he wasn’t calm. But we’ve always supported each other and maybe that was the key to getting through that moment“.

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