Driving licence, the new reform has eliminated the exam for this category

A driving license is essential for driving specific motorized vehicles. There are various types of driving licenses, each of which can be obtained after passing some theoretical and practical tests. But did you know that for some time now it will no longer be necessary to take the exam to ride some motorcycles? What are we referring to? Here are all the details on this story that will please millions of Italians.

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To drive a motorcycle, a car, a truck or other, it is mandatory to have first obtained a specific document, i.e. the relative driver’s license. To obtain such a license, every person has the obligation to pass some tests, both theoretical and practical. But did you know that a reform that came into force in recent months has changed some rules? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

There is a famous saying that exams never end in life. But in this article we will see how this sentence is not referable to a particular aspect concerning the licence. What do we mean? Since last August 15thindeed, motorcyclists will be able to drive some particular motorcycles on the road without having previously taken the normal practical driving test.

We are talking, obviously, of the license A. It allows motorcycles to be driven on the road. The various licenses for driving motorcycles are divided into a licence AM, A1, A2 and, finally, a driving licence TO. The latteralso called A3, allows you to drive any motorcycle on the road. Therefore, it will not be necessary to submit to specific limits in reference to power and displacement.

But which motorcycles can be ridden without having taken a practical driving test? Who can avoid taking the exam? Here are all the details about this case.

Driving license A, that’s why you no longer have to take the practical driving test in some specific cases

There AM licence it can be taken from 14 years of age and allows you to ride motorcycles up to 50cc displacement. There A1however, allows anyone over the age of 16 to ride motorcycles up to 125 cc displacement and with a maximum power of 11 kW. Driver’s license A2 it can only be taken by adults and allows you to drive motorcycles of any engine capacity, but with power not exceeding 35 kW.

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Stop the practical motorcycle driving test in some specific cases: here’s everything you need to know about it – Motori.News

The last step of the motorcycle license is the defined one “license A”. As mentioned before, it allows you to carry any motorcycle. The only constraint to be respected is linked to thebe 24 years of age or have been in possession of the A2 for at least 24 months after the age of 20.

Until recently, anyone who wanted to get a higher step license was obliged to take the practical exam every time. Since last August 15thHowever, the rules have changed. Those who already have a valid A1 licence he will no longer be obliged to take the practical driving test for obtaining the A2 driving licence. The same thing applies to the transition from the A2 to the A driving licence.

In the past, therefore, to ride a motorcycle with higher engine capacity and power it was mandatory to take a specific road driving test. Since August, however, to guarantee this important and obligatory document, simply follow a special 7-hour course at a driving school of your choice.

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The Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, therefore, has chosen to streamline the bureaucratic process regarding practical motorcycle riding exams for larger engine sizes, in case the user is in possession of the A1 driving licence. Many Italians will be happy with all this.

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