Check Out Wife Make Perfect J-Turn In Minivan For Morning Coffee Run

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This is the season for snowy roads. Depending on where you live, there may be a many snow on the streets in your neighborhood right now. Such conditions are sometimes too tempting for enthusiastic drivers to ignore. But for those who need a reminder, recklessness is dangerous on icy public roads is never a good idea.

We also recognize the desire for fun when the danger factor is zero, so when we find this ViralHog slow-speed J-loop video, we couldn’t resist sharing it. This is especially true if the vehicle involved is a minivan, which in this case looks like a Chrysler Pacifica. And according to the video description, we have no a school-age youth borrows the family’s vehicle to buy a front-wheel drive donut. Apparently, a proud husband caught his wife executing this textbook J-turn while out for morning coffee.

The clip was shot in early December from the town of Taylor in British Columbia, Canada. There really isn’t much else to say, other than the technique for the turns is as good as you’ve ever seen. Front-wheel drive vehicles in reverse may turn slowly or quickly depending on the vehicle’s speed and the power applied to the driving wheels. Lest we forget our message of caution above – save the high-speed antics for the race track, driving school, or any place where completely losing control is unlikely to kill you or curious onlookers.

In this case, the minivan backed up at walking speed. With some skill, it only takes a gentle push of the throttle and a pull of the wheel to gently turn the front end. Keep a close eye on the taillights and you’ll see as the driver switches from backing to forward, breaking into controlled turns and cruising smoothly, like a boss. Obviously, he had done this before.

That said, stay smart out there. Winter has arrived, and inevitably, those who enjoy driving might enjoy some low-traction fun. Wherever you are, stay safe and make sure you help keep others safe. In other words, don’t drive like an idiot and everything will be fine.

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