Santa Claus Causes Mayhem When Their Armored Vehicle Gets Stuck On The Road

If your Christmas package didn’t arrive in time this year, we might know why. A group of Santa Clauses caused mayhem last weekend when their armored personnel carrier (APC) became stuck in a narrow lane of cars in England. What are these Santa Clauses doing ahead of their big day? Allegedly completing their annual pub crawl.

The tracked and antique APCs they were piloting across south-west England snagged in several fences while trying to squeeze into the narrow lanes. Video of the incident shows Santa Claus trying to navigate a busy street, but they block the road for about two hours, according to eyewitness accounts reported by Guard.

The incident occurred on Thursday, December 22. The police arrived after receiving reports of damaged vehicles, but to their surprise, the cars weren’t actually supposed to be there. It was a no-parking zone, adding to the chaos of the situation. It’s unclear whether police issued any citations, but Guard reported that authorities made no arrests in relation to the incident.

The short video, shot by Ian Jepson and posted to social media, shows Santa trying to move the car and clear the tank’s tracks. A small group of about three or four Santa Clauses is depicted rocking and hitting a car on the road, trying to move it by hand. They are quite successful. According to Jepson in Daily mailthe parked vehicle suffered minimal damage, and everyone was “excited by it”.

Santa Claus was seen in other parts of the area earlier in the day and was “full of Christmas cheer,” according to Lisa Charrd. It’s unclear what happened to Santa Claus after his release, but it should serve as a lesson to everyone not to leave the house without a sleigh and reindeer. Leave piloting to someone else.

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