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The window button can hide a function unknown to most: just hold it down for 10 seconds and see what happens.

Window button
Window button – Motors.News

In the confusion of secrets hidden in our cars there is also something unsuspected: the button that controls the activation of the electronic windows.

Nowadays all cars are practically equipped with a system that allows, by pressing a button, to roll down and roll up the windows very quickly. Gone are the days of cranks or thumbsticks that were used for this purpose.

Uncomfortable, not very modern and certainly not very functional especially for the driver, who thanks to the controls integrated in his panel can easily manage all the windows: a useful solution when you need to air the car in the summer and you don’t have to do it all manually.

On the other hand, it’s easier than a electrically operated window is more prone to failure, which can be mechanical or linked to the electronic system that manages it. The price of modernity could be said, even if this kind of failure is not widespread.

Furthermore, an electronic window lifter can hide a very useful secret: let’s find out together in the next paragraph.

Why hold down the window button for 5 seconds?

As we have said, almost all cars today are equipped with a electric window lifter system: certainly with regard to the front doors but, often, also the rear ones. The driver therefore has a dashboard on his left that allows him to check them all and lock them when necessary: ​​for example, if there is a child on board.

Car window key
Car window button –

We were talking earlier about a feature that you can activate by holding pressed for five seconds the window key or, alternatively, pressing it 5 times in succession.

We specify that this secret is activated only with the engine off. But what is it about? Simply by doing this gesture the person sitting in one of the rear seats, once the door is closed you will see the window roll down automatically.

A very useful secret especially in the summer season, so that any passengers are not forced to “cook” in the heat and can immediately find refreshment with the window that rolls down without having to wait for the car to start.

A function that, however, you can also use when you are alone e you need to “cool down” the car left in the sun after hours: without even having to wait to start the car, you can immediately make all the windows roll down once the doors are closed and let some fresh air circulate. Hopefully.

Car window
Car window –

So this is the incredible secret of the window button: nothing particularly revolutionary, of course, but the classic utility that is good to know, especially in some situations. We are sure that the next time you get in the car you will try it immediately.

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