Highway Code, never travel this stretch by car: an instant fine of €332

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The fines for breaking the can be heavy. For example, it could be equal to 332 euros if you travel this stretch while driving, let’s find out what it is.

never walk this stretch
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When driving in the middle of the traffic it can happen to come across the preferential lanes and to pass over it without perhaps realizing it. This can happen when these lanes are printed, however this is a traffic offense and subject to a fine. But what are bus lanes? Let’s find out below what they are for and what the fines are which you can meet if you cross them!

The preferential lanes are intended for public transport

The preferential lanes are stretches of carriageway reserved for public transportdesigned to prevent them from getting stuck in traffic and failing to maintain services on time.

These lanes are regulated by signals created on purpose to be recognized immediately. Indeed, they are composed of two continuous strips of white and yellow, placed next to each other.

Traffic Laws
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These lanes are found above all in large cities and serve to make public transport circulate more streamlined, precisely avoiding that they create disruptions due to traffic delays. Therefore, buses, trams and in some cases even taxis can pass through them.

What does the law on bus lanes say?

Introduced in the 70s, still today the preferential lanes are present in various Italian cities and must never be crossed by public transport. As established by the highway code, the lanes can be crossed by the vehicles for which they are intended, therefore trams, buses and even taxis.

In many cases on the ground you will find printed even the vehicle to which that preferential lane is destined, which means that if other vehicles that are not allowed cross it, they risk incurring even heavy fines. Generally the strip or the printed medium is present, but sometimes they can also be delimited by curbs or sidewalks.

The fines range from 83 euros to 332 euros, therefore these are not indifferent figures, therefore it is better to pay attention not to pass on the preferential lanes. Be careful, therefore, if you want to avoid these fines, because with the cameras that record the license plates, it could reach your home!

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