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Did you know that if you get caught maneuvering at a toll booth you run the risk of having your driving license revoked? In addition, they also give you a hefty fine. Let’s find out what you don’t have to do to avoid all this!

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Motorists use the highways to travel quietly and move from one point of our country to another. In these areas the flow of vehicles is much higher than that which occurs along normal roads, however it is necessary respect the highway code to avoid dangerous accidents and not to incur heavy fines. Here you are what things to never do when you are driving near toll booths.

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The law prohibits certain behaviors at toll booths

Traveling and getting around on highways certainly is the best solution to reach different places in our country and especially during the holidays there are many who reach out to families to spend the holidays with them.

Convenient and easy to travel on, motorways are a great achievement for everyone, and you can travel smoothly and even at higher speedswithout interruptions, since there are no traffic lights and it is not necessary to stop.

However, it is essential to respect the rules of the highway code near the toll booths, to avoid incurring heavy fines. In particular, there are two behaviors envisaged by article 176, that you need to know, because the fines are so high that you would lose your salary.

What does article 176 of the highway code provide for?

Article 176 of the highway code provides for certain behaviors to implement when you are at the entrance to the motorway tollbooths. The article strictly stipulates of never reverse the direction of travel and of don’t back up, not even in proximity to ramps, carriageways and motorway junctions and the main suburban roads.

Indeed, if you thought of carrying out these maneuvers when you are in these areas, you could cause problems with the road network and prevent other vehicles from accessing the motorway. In case you have to back up in these areas the foreseen fines start from 430 and can reach 1731 euros.

In addition, ten points are deducted from the licence. Instead, the fines are even heavier in the case of the inversion, and they go from 2046 euros to 8186 euros, beyond to the deduction of 10 points from the licence.

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