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The symbol indicating the fuel level is accompanied by a “mysterious” red or white arrow. Let’s find out what it’s for.

what does the red arrow mean?
Do you know what the red arrow means? –

The instrument panel of our car sometimes seems like a mystery. Beyond the most relevant and easy to understand information, such as the odometer or the small lights that warn of any problems, there are other small details unknown to most.

One of them is right where it is the fuel gauge: not only do we have the symbol of the petrol pump but often, next to it, we also find one red dart which in some machines may instead be white.

Regardless of the color, however, this dart has a very specific function that will come in handy when you go to refuel. We’ll explain why right away.

What is the red arrow in the fuel area for?

How many times have you entered into reserve, or almost, and once you parked at the fuel station you realized you had taken the wrong side and not having the filler in the most comfortable position to allow you to carry out the operation?

Red dart
Fuel level red arrow –

Many, probably. This is something that happens very often especially if you drive a rental or business car that you don’t know well and that could easily lead you into error. Or you’ve bought a new car and still don’t know it as well as you’d like.

Well, the red dart it’s just to give you this kind of information. Have you ever noticed? It doesn’t always have the same direction, sometimes it can be turned to the left, others to the right. And, yes, it indicates just what you think: the fuel tank filler position of your car.

Try to pay attention to it then next time you drive, so you’ll always know which side it’s on and you won’t have to make a huge effort to refuelif the fuel pump is long enough to assist you in case of a mistake.

It must be said that it is not present in all cars: in older models it could be totally absent, in others the color of the dart is likely to be white. Not to mention the ultra-technological cars with fully digital instrument panel: in that case, however, you will certainly have a message that will show you where to refuel together with a series of additional information.

White dart
White dart –

In short, a secret revealed: that red arrow is the classic little detail that can become enormously useful, especially if you have a new car, a rental one or you are driving a car that doesn’t belong to you and you need to refuel. So you’re sure you won’t go wrong again to refuel.

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