Pedestrian crossing a red light, is it possible to receive a fine? It’s not like you’re thinking

Many people wonder if a pedestrian can be fined for crossing pedestrian crossings with a red light. In this article we will try to shed light on this “mystery”, warning you about all the risks you run in making such a dangerous move. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Pedestrian crosses on red
Pedestrian crosses on a red light –

The Traffic Laws rule over all the rules to follow in the middle of the road. And it does so in reference not only to people at the wheel of a car or aboard a motorbike or bicycle. Indeed, Pedestrians also have to respect basic road rules. Anyone, therefore, is required to respect certain rules in order not to incur severe traffic fines.

The same thing goes for the pedestrian who crosses the street with a red light. In addition to jeopardizing one’s own safety and that of others, in fact, anyone who commits a similar move risks suffering a very high fine.

Either out of distraction or out of a real desire to pass red on the stripes, the pawn puts his own safety at risk in an exaggerated way in making this move. At an intersection regulated by traffic lights, therefore, even in the presence of stripes, you can do nothing but wait for the green light to come out and cross – suddenly and always carefully – the road.

Furthermore, even if the road should be free of cars, it will be strictly forbidden to cross the road in the presence of a red traffic light at a road junction. The only right thing to do is to pass the green light, as happens with cars and other motorized vehicles.

But how much is the penalty for the pedestrian passing through the red light? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Fine for pedestrians in transit with red light: here’s everything you need to know

The Police has been increasingly regulating this aspect of road safety in recent times. Indeed, in every Italian city controls on the behavior of pedestrians at road junctions have been expanded. But what happens if you cross a red light on foot? Here are all the details about it.

Fine red pawn
If you walk through a red light you can suffer a very severe fine – Motori.News

But how much does the pedestrian ‘caught’ have to pay when passing through a red light on foot? Article 146 of the Highway Code clearly answers this question. Here’s what you can read about it: “Anyone who does not observe the behaviors indicated by road signs or in the related regulations, or by traffic agents, is subject to the administrative sanction of payment of a sum ranging from €42 to €173″ .

The penalty rises dramatically if the pedestrian were to become the protagonist of another gesture. Indeed, if he were to hinder traffic with this move, he could face an even heavier fine. We are referring to the case of slowly crossing the road at a red light or voluntarily stopping in the center of the roadway.

Then, the fine can start from 167 euros and even reach 666 in the most serious cases. As with most fines, also in this case the user will be able to pay within 5 days, in order to benefit from a 30% discount on the actual cost.

Additionally, a 2020 ruling ruled that if a pedestrian in transit on the crossroads with red traffic lights should cause an accident or be responsible for other damages, would fully exonerate the motorist.

Pawn fine
Crossing the red pedestrian crossing – Motori.News

In practice, the pawn is not always right, as most people think. If he runs red and causes damage with this move, then the blame lies with him alone.

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