€6700 fine if they find this in the car: you have no escape

Tampering with this device in the car can cost you dearly: fines can even touch 7,000 euros.

fine if they find this in the car
€6700 fine – motori.news

There driver’s life, you know, it is very complicated. Days and sometimes whole weeks are spent on trips, transporting large loads from one point of Italy to another, in any weather condition with all the difficulties and logistical unforeseen events that may arise.

A hard worksome would define it from another era, but which for this very reason is subject to very strict rules which serve to safeguard the health of drivers, but also to prevent situations potentially dangerous for others from being created in the name of haste.

The European Union and Italy certainly cannot ignore this phenomenon, which is why every heavy vehicle must be equipped with one specific digital tachograph that allows you to collect, analyze and process all the data and information on journey times, driving style and so on.

A tachograph which, in theory, also allows a fair competition among the various trucking companies because by law no one is authorized to travel more kilometers in fewer hours in order to obtain an advantage. But is it really always like this? Obviously not even by chance and is the subject of this article.

Up to 7000 euro fine if you tamper with your digital tachograph: the thing to never do

As you can imagine, this is unfortunately a very widespread habit for the purpose of deliver as many goods as possible in the shortest time availableto the detriment of the health of truck drivers and with enormous risks especially for others.

Digital tachograph
Digital tachograph – Motori.news

The matter is regulated by thearticle number 179 of the Highway Code which allows the police to impose sanctions with a base of 849 euros up to a maximum of 3396 euros to be paid by the driverwhich will also see the license suspended for a period ranging from 15 to 90 days.

And this is the punishment for those who simply “detach” the device: but be careful, because things get even tougher if you decide to tamper with the tachograph with fines that almost 7,000 euros.

After all, the Traffic Police are not easy to deceive because during their checks they manage to carry out one very thorough study of the device that goes beyond any tampering carried out, so as to receive data on the actual journey times and speed of the car.

Digital tachograph in operation
Digital tachograph in operation – Motori.news

In short, if you have traveled more kilometers in less than the time required by law, you risk a great deal, you and also the company that gave you the job since they will no longer be able to count on your services, will have to wait before getting the goods back and organize a new delivery and, as far as you are concerned, you risk having your license withdrawn.

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