Have you ever noticed these marks in the passenger side drawer? They have a hidden meaning

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We all think we know cars well, both our own and those of others, but we don’t. There are symbols that have to do with passengers, for example, that we have never noticed and that it is good to recognize and know.

Passenger drawer symbol
Passenger drawer symbol – Motori.News

Firstly, every car is different, in some, for example, there are special functions not present on other vehicles, which you risk not using for no reason.

In others, however, there are logos which at the time may seem trivial, but which instead make the difference because they become distinctive elements that absolutely cannot be underestimated.

That’s why knowing all the details and features of cars is important

On cars, for example, there are often buttons that you notice but you don’t know anything about, so you really have no idea how they can be used or what they are for. There are those who wonder and who, on the other hand, is completely disinterested in it.

And then there are also particular symbols that are found in some special machines that make the difference with other products. For example, in the Tesla near the charging socket there is a logo that puts on beautiful, original, modern, technological, particular strobe lights.

Then every time you plug it in and put the car on charge by pressing a button 10 times, two modes are activated in the car, Romance mode and Santa Claus mode. Romance mode shows on screen a fireplace with a beautiful song in the background.

With the activation of the second mode, however, the display shows a projection of the car traveling on a sled on the snow. Something that you will probably hardly get to see elsewhere.


The symbols designed to welcome passengers

Then we move on to the Jeep Renegade, where in the fuel filler flap there is a spider with a comic strip with the writing Ciao baby which indicates the car’s very low fuel consumption and the formation of cobwebs in the tank. Something particularly ironic that distinguishes the vehicle.

In the Opel, on the other hand, there are stylized sharks in various points of the vehicle which appeared for the first time in 2004 year in which it was thought to give the shark a shape and a particular style which over time has become a hallmark of the car.

Finally here we are at the Mini on which instead there is a cartoonised drawing of the mini itself greeting passengers boarding to the left. Then on the left headlight there is also a wink that greets those who are outside the vehicle. Instead, the symbol we see in Jaguar is the jaguar, represented by a family of jaguars, which made its debut in 2017.

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