Fines, if you do this thing you will never have to pay them: be aware that it is illegal

Fines are the worst nightmare of all motorists in the world, because even when you think you’ve got away with it, the fine arrives directly at home and you can’t do anything but pay it.

How not to pay fines
How not to pay fines – Motori.News

Although it is known that the highway code does not allow for errors or ignorance, motorists do not give up and park on no parking spaces, on stalls reserved for the disabled, not having the right to do so, and so on.

There are those who seek to avoid speed cameras perhaps by covering or modifying the license plate and who even does it with the police. Many think they are smart and intelligent, in reality they don’t know that in this they risk much more than a fine.

Getting a fine is a big disappointment, which is why many motorists are looking for ways to get away with it

That’s why it’s better to be informed about the issue, choosing accordingly how it’s better to behave and which is the most convenient way to go. We know very well that the inventiveness of people is infinite, andThat’s why they always find a way to get away with it, or almost.

Unfortunately, however, all of this inevitably damages society and in the end the damages fall on the community which cannot take advantage of some services as by right. One of the news that has caught the eye these days concerns users who have tried to put the police in difficulty by avoiding the more than deserved fine.

Fine – Motors.News

What is the trick used by some motorists and what you risk if you get caught

The traffic police found themselves in a disorienting situation. The motorist had placed it on the windshield of the car a fine already filled outbelonging to another user to fool the police.

The police, seeing it already there, could do nothing but continue with the other checks on parked vehicles, avoiding carrying out a second penalty. However, the ruse was quickly discovered because by means of a license plate check the agents became aware of the escape attempt.

This is nothing more than the result of cunning which unfortunately ends badly because there is a very small probability that the trick works and a large percentage of much higher risk that falls into the penalty.

In this way in fact, you risk being indicted for fraud and theft of a public document, all of which are crimes even contemplated in the penal code. It goes without saying that it is certainly more convenient to pay an even small fine rather than paying far more serious consequences.

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