“It all started when…” Marc Marquez’s ruthless analysis of the Honda moment

Marc Marquez and Honda, there is confidence and determination. Will the unbeatable combination before Jerez 2020 return to the top soon?

Marc Marquez and Honda, analysis of a crisis – MotoriNews

It’s really not easy years for Honda in MotoGP. Indeed, looking at the results, she had never fared worse at the Golden Wing, literally peak in the premier class of the World Championship. A black period that hopefully will end soon with the top rider’s return to form Marc Marquez. Who pulled HRC’s ears at the end of the tests in Valencia, but also confirmed their confidence until 2024. The Japanese house breathes, but not too much: there is a desperate need a finally fit Marquez to change course. In fact, there are a lot of opponents at goal tempting

“Things change at 30”

That will be exactly the age he will reach Marc Marquez next February. He’s certainly not old, but he’s not even that arrembante anymore little boy plunged into MotoGP to mess up all values ​​and predictions. “Yes we go by stagesfor periods” the #93 driver told Motorsport.com. “TO 30 years you don’t approach racing or a championship the same way you did at 20. You have to use theexperience.” Including therefore the mistakes made in the last two years, with consequences that could nip prematurely to his beautiful world career. The risk there was, Marquez admitted it, but it seems to be behind us now. On the contrary, the driver from Cervera is increasingly smiling and confident. “I started reviewing traits of the old Marc Márquez” in fact underlined the eight-time world champion. “That’s mine DNAbut I will also work for one different version.” He learned a very hard lesson from Jerez 2020, now the Catalan goes much more cautious.

Marquez and the Honda crisis

However, something has happened since that Spanish GP cracked at the Golden Wing’s home, only to break. The results obtained in recent years have shown the worst version of HRC, literally disappeared from the fight of a world championship in which he was always a great protagonist. “In Honda, the crisis started when I got stoned very bad, we used to do nothing but win. Then the top driver passed away.” Marc Marquez he understood very well how much Honda depended on him. It won’t be easy to get back on top, but the combination is at work. “They respected me during this period, they believe in me and I trust them” he underlined. “I want to return to my best level to aspire to the maximum together.” It won’t be simple, but from the bike-rider duo he made wonders in the past you have to really expect everything.

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