Checkpoints, increased controls for scooters: even at night

The new Highway Code provides for tighter controls even for scooters even at night: here’s what you risk.

Scooters –

There is discussion in these days of the reform of the Traffic Lawswhich includes various innovations also referred to electric scooter owners, with particular regard to checks carried out at night.

The goal, as emphasized several times by Matteo Salvini, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, in concert with Matteo Piantedosi, Minister of the Interior, Giuseppe Valditara, Minister of Education and Merit and the Chief of Police Lamberto Giannini is to ensure safety on the streetswho are always the protagonists of even dramatic accidents.

In fact, statistics tell us that, during 2022, the fatal accidents increased by 25% compared to the same period taken in reference in 2021. Too many victims, mainly young people, often caused by imprudence, drunk driving and conditions that do not allow for the right safety on the roads.

Precisely in this sense we are also thinking of inserting some educational activities in schools in order to make the very young aware of the correct use of the roads, especially when obtaining a driving licence. And yes, we also think of scooters and electric bikes.

New Highway Code: what will change for scooters, bikes and with more controls

The greater diffusion of electric scooters in recent times he has been pushing the government to work on directives that also concern these latest generation vehicles, particularly present in large cities.

Electric scooters new rules
Electric scooters new rules –

In fact, we must not forget that at the moment there are no specific laws concerning scooters in the event of road accidents: for this reason, one of the ideas on the table is to make the use of the helmet is obligatory and foresee the installation of the plates.

It also works for those who move in bikeeven if it is not clear at the moment how to regulate the use of two-wheeled vehicles for work, leisure or simple sport.

In the meantime, the government has decided to increase the number of checks, especially at night. Together with this, a table will be convened in January to discuss, together with the technical experts of the Minister of Justice, the possible issuing more severe penalties for those who commit the crimes of road accidents caused by the effect of alcohol or drugs.

Serious traffic accident
Serious road accident – ​​

Indeed, one of the hypotheses on the task force table speaks of a license revocation for life in the most serious situations: in any case, we will almost certainly see a suspension of the driving license with times much higher than the current ones.

A possible revolution could even come for the points licence: it is not clear how we intend to change it, but we are talking about a system that will be updated continuously with “stages” to follow. We’ll see if we can find out more.

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