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The payment of the car tax is one of the obligations of the Italians. A sum will have to be paid annually which takes into account certain factors, such as that relating to power, emissions and much more. But what will happen in 2023? Here is what the new Budget Law provides for car tax starting next year.

Unpaid car tax
Unpaid car tax – Motori.News

The car tax it is one of those taxes most hated by motorists in our country. It is a regional tax to be paid each year on one’s own vehicleby the last day of the enrollment month. A car tax that anyone in possession of a motor vehicle or motorcycle registered in our country will always have to pay.

The payment must be made for one’s region of residence e the cost of this tax is variable and varies according to the area in which you live and the model of car owned. Not everyone is forced to pay the car tax. Which categories are exempt from this obligation?

There are three categories of people exempt from this tax. We are referring to the disabled who benefit from law 104 and anyone who takes care of them. Cars registered for over 30 years are also excluded from paying the car tax. The same thing happens for new generation zero emission machines.

Particularly, hybrid or electric cars are exempt from paying road tax for the first 3 or 5 years of lifedepending on the region you belong to. Other categories benefit from discounts and reductions. Much, as mentioned, will also depend on the individual region of our country.

But do you know that an amnesty has been taken for 2023? What will happen to the car tax starting next year? Here’s everything you need to know about paying this “inconvenient” tax.

Car tax: this is what the new Budget Law provides

The car tax it is a tax in reference to the possession of the car and, therefore, must be paid regardless of its actual use. Anyone who does not pay the stamp duty is sanctioned with a 30% increase on the amount to be paid and with 0.5% interest every six months of late payment. But what does the new Budget Law foresee for 2023?

Novelty car stamp
Car tax: the news of the new 2023 Budget Law – Motori.News

Those who have not paid the car tax in previous years may be exempt from payment in some special cases. The new Budget Lawin fact, provides the amnesty for all tax bills up to 1000 euros included from 1 January 2000 until 31 December 2015. These folders will be removed and, therefore, the defaulter will see all his debts canceled up to 1000 euros.

Instead, for the period between 1 January 2016 and 30 June 2022 it will be possible to pay the debt in 18 installments to be paid over 5 years. In addition, there will be cuts on interest and 30% mark-up penalties.

However, there is no official announcement of this amnesty yet. Motorists will still have to wait a bit. However, the intentions of the Budget Law would seem quite clear. At most, the excerpt will be postponed by a few months. However, if he did an about-face again, the interest and penalties will still be cancelled. For the automatic cancellation of the debt for the files relating to the period prior to 2015, therefore, the official announcement is still awaited.

Car tax
Car tax – Motors.News

By the end of 2022, however, we will know with all certainty if these decisions will be official and if the car tax will be part of the so-called “fiscal peace”.

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