Plate associated with the Telepass, now you can change it like this: it takes a second

Do you have a new car and need to change the license plate associated with your Telepass? There are three different ways to carry out this operation in a practical, fast and safe way. You can choose the one you prefer according to your needs. In this article we will analyze everything in detail and you will discover in a few minutes how to change the number plate associated with your Telepass device.

Plate associated with the Telepass
Plate associated with the Telepass – Motori.News

Enter into a contract with Telepass it is, without a doubt, one of the most modern ways to experience one’s entry and exit from the various arteries of the Italian motorway network. In fact, it allows you to pass the various toll booths, without necessarily having to stop to pay the toll.

Payment will take place automatically, thanks to the presence in the car of a box that will record your every step. All you need to do is sign a contract company site or at one of many Blue Point present in the vicinity of each Italian motorway exit. Providing i personal data, two license plates to be associated with the device and the IBAN for the debit of the fixed costs and the passages to the various toll booths, you will receive the “magic” at home after a short time little box.

As anticipated, it will be possible to associate a maximum of two different plates with each Telepass contract. For the third, however, all you can do is enter into a new contract. The fixed monthly cost of the Telepass varies according to the contract, but on average it is around 2 euros. Naturally, the costs of each of your trips on our country’s motorways will be added to this fixed cost.

But did you know that it is possible to change the license plate associated with your Telepass contract? If you have this urgency, it helps to know that doing so is legally permitted. To do it you will have three different modes. Here’s everything you need to know about this topic, so you’ll never be caught unprepared.

Do you need to change the license plate associated with the Telepass? Here are all the ways to do this

If you have changed car, but want to keep your contract with Telepass, you will be pleased to know that this will be possible. In fact, the service provides the possibility to change the associated plates, in a practical and fast way. Like? Here we let you discover the most comfortable solutions to carry out this operation.

Telepass license plate change
Going to a Punto Blu is one of the ways you can change the license plate for your Telepass device – Motori.News

This solution will be possible to practice it in a way totally free. You can choose if physically go to a Punto Blu or manage everything directly online.

Let’s start from Blue Point. If you are near one of these places, then you can opt for the less “technological” solution. All you need to do is communicate the new license plate number to be entered in place of the previous one and confirm all your personal data.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have the opportunity to go to one of the many Punto Blu in Italy, then know that there are two other ways to change the license plate for your Telepass. In fact, you will be able to carry out this operation independently either via the internet or via a special app.

Just go to the website and go to your private area. By clicking on “contract plates” you can delete the old license plate and add the new one in a few simple steps.

Telepass: here’s how to change license plate – Motori.News

You can manage the same thing on the appropriate one apps, following all the steps provided. Here too you will have to go to the personal space relating to your associated license plates, change the old one and add the new one. Never forget to confirm the passage of the associated license plate. The game will be done and you will be able to enter the motorway again without problems of any kind.

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