Scooters, you will no longer be able to ride them without this: you have no choice

Scooters are becoming one of the most used means of transport in Italy for short journeys within cities as well as small towns.

scooters don't ride them without this
Scooters, you will no longer be able to ride them without this –

Unfortunately, like everything, they have advantages and also many disadvantages. So very often people who use them to get around they do it quietly without respecting the rules.

Consequently, those traveling on these vehicles think they can do what they want, when they want, even for example circulating on the sidewalks, not wearing a helmet (which is not mandatory at the moment but which would certainly help in the event of an accident), or bring passengers with you.

The highway code is about to change, important news also for scooters

All these behaviors are dangerous not only for those traveling on the vehicle in question, but also for those circulating on the road by car, motorbike or for the same pedestrians who they often find the sidewalks invaded.

For all these reasons and for many others, the highway code is about to be reformed. The request started from Transport Minister Matteo Salvini, followed by the Minister of Education and Merit, the Chief of Police Giannini and the Minister of the Interior.

The ministers, during a debate, took important decisions on road safety aimed at preventing accidents and reducing the number of accidents that during in recent months, unfortunately, it has increased significantly.

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Evaluation of the life suspension of the driving licence, mandatory helmet and license plate on scooters

There are more and more accidents caused by those who do not respect the rules and those who circulate carelessly on the scooter as well as on all other means of transport. For example, the number of people who join increases driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In these cases, the possibility of withdrawing the driving license for life was evaluated. Just as the current points driving license system could also be revised, but nothing is known about the subject at least for now.

As far as scooters and driving safety are concerned, the hypothesis of the obligation of helmets and license plates is becoming increasingly probable also on these means in such a way as to be immediately recognizable and punished.

Other measures are also about to arrive for the protection of cyclists, above all given that in the last period many of them have died despite having no fault or responsibility. These are measures to protect a particularly vulnerable category.

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