New Hyundai Kona N Line Examined Up Close In Video Walkaround

Hyundai revealed the new generation Kona a few days ago. While the South Korean marque has left few details regarding the greasy parts of the crossover, we do know that there are four variants arriving in 2024: EV, hybrid, pure combustion powered, and the N Line. More importantly, we already know what this variant will look like based on the provided press images.

If you’re curious about how the second-generation Hyundai Kona – specifically the more aggressively styled N Line model – looks in metal, don’t worry. CarSceneKorea happened to come across a completely naked test car and gave us a quick guide on the revamped model.

Based on the video, the Kona N Line does come with quite a lot of detail on the front. There are many textures and colors, including piano black plastic, gray lining, body color accents, and silver trim on the underside. Of course, those things won’t take your eyes off the LED light bar on the edge of the bonnet, which Hyundai calls “Seamless Horizon” on the Kona and its redesigned Grandeur flagship sedan.

Just like the Kona Electric, the Kona N Line comes with body-colored fenders. This detail sets the EV and N Line apart from the hybrid and ICE models. In the back, the Kona N Line is just as busy as the front clip. It comes with a diffuser, dual exhaust tips and lighting elements that mirror the front.

The walkaround video above doesn’t show any interior details, although we did get a glimpse of the press images. What we do know is that the new Kona comes with a pair of 12.3-inch displays that share a single bezel. The gear shifter is in the column behind the wheel, while the center stack has a pair of vents, along with the knobs and knobs of climate control. Hyundai insists that the buttons on the center console are for the driving mode selector.

Hyundai has yet to reveal powertrain details for each of the four Kona variants. Expect more information in the coming months, including pricing and availability.

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