Machine heated in 1 second, nobody knows this button: you will always use it

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Nobody knows because few know all the secrets of the machines given that it is assumed that the vehicles are all the same. Indeed, they are not at all, on many cars there is air conditioning, on others there is a button that takes its place. Here’s how to use it.

Heated car
How to warm up your car in a few minutes – Motori.News

In the morning, especially in the cold areas of Italy, at least 10 minutes are lost to warm up the passenger compartment and to defoam the glass, making sure that it becomes more transparent and that every street corner is perfectly visible.

If you can’t warm up the car with the air conditioning or you don’t have enough time to do it, proceed through this useful and practical trick.

The button that changes the temperature inside the machine

On all cars there is a button representing a closed arrow which is responsible for activating the circuit of air recirculation inside the passenger compartment. This arrow is located next to the air flow cursor and is especially useful in the winter season.

The air recirculation button it activates when you want to close the air inlet shutters in the ventilation ducts of the machine, limiting the access of cold air in winter or hot air in summer.

In fact, the consequence is that the ventilation system limits the flow of air arriving from the outside and goes to the inside of the vehicle. Through this process, the air coming from outside does not mix with the internal air, so that what is present inside the vehicle always remains the same.

Secret button
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What to do when you want to heat the passenger compartment quickly and how convenient it is to do it

When the temperatures go down, the air recirculation system of the machine allows you to better face the frosty mornings and make everything much easier. By activating the system with the button with the arrow, the air heats up quickly. However, please note that the ventilation system it shouldn’t be used for very long.

Changing air in the vehicle is important for health, always breathing the same stale air is dangerous from many points of view. Also you risk have the windows fog up much more frequently, which is dangerous.

The more air recirculation is activated, the more humidity is formed both when it is hot and when it is cold, simply that there is a difference in temperature important between inside and outside.

Whenever possible, roll down the windows and let in fresh air from outside.

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