Classic VW Beetle Converted To Teardrop Camper Trailer Is Too Cute


There are many classic Volkswagen Beetle skins. Besides the regular beach buggy or rat rod, there are some cute builds for the Love Bug. From high-powered dragsters to using their parts to shape go-karts, transforming a Beetle is limited only by one’s imagination.

We’ve also seen old Bugs turn into mobile homes. But a Californian named Sergio took a different approach to building a Beetle camper. Instead of dropping the (mini) motor body on it, it turns the car into a teardrop camper.

Sergio’s teardrop camper began in life as a 1965 Beetle. Its owner says it took about four years to get to where it is now but adds that work was never completed on this project. The front end is cut to form a teardrop shape, and a few inches are removed from the top. The front of the camper is made of another Beetle fender.

It has a sunroof to let more light in, plus a roof rack for storing extra luggage. Sergio also covered one side of the Beetle by removing the window. There was only one door left, and it served as the entrance to the humble residence.

The small camper also has a kitchenette. It sits where the machine is, and features an oven with a built-in coffee maker, a portable hob, and a sink. The battery and a five-gallon water supply are under the mini-cooking area.

For such a small camper, the bed inside is quite large. Other amenities include two large storage spaces, a lamp, hangers and a fan. It wasn’t overcrowded with TVs and other toys, but seemed like a great place to chill and relax.

The Beetle teardrop camper can’t move on its own, but it’s great to see these old cars tastefully redesigned. That said, we were curious as to what car Sergio used to tow the camper. It’s nice to think he drove another Volkswagen to tow it around town.


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