Highway Code, if you do this the fine is close to €3000

The highway code doesn’t joke and doesn’t allow for errors of any kind, or misinformation or ignorance, so getting informed is essential to avoid staggering fines that you risk practically every day, sometimes without even knowing it.

Very salty fine
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Because of behaviors that may seem trivial at first but which in reality hide very serious consequences, we run the risk of get traffic fines of up to €7,000.

In this case it is a specific action serious that can cost dearly to the smart guy on duty.

The highway code does not admit errors, heavy penalties are coming for this category of “workers”

Italian citizens are used to dangers, in fact, most of them do not respect the speed limits imposed on the roads, highways and so on. Just as many park where they could not, or make stops where they should not.

In short, everyone tries to do what they want when they want, in the hope of not being caught, although it is known that the highway code punishes everyone indistinctly without excuses and without making differences.

We are used to seeing everyone on the street, even the figure of the illegal parking attendant seems to be normal, because we find them practically everywhere, in small and large cities.

Illegal parking
highway code – motori.news

The figure of the illegal parking attendant shouldn’t exist, that’s what you risk

Those who don’t work try to put aside some money by being an illegal parking driver, which is real road traffic abuse punishable by law. The valet asks for money every time someone has to park even if it is a parking on white lines, that is, a parking space to which you are entitled for free.

It is a crime for the valet to ask for money. Indeed, in the presence of free parking, no one can ask for money. Otherwise, the law applies severe penalties.

So an abusive parking driver runs the risk of receiving a fine ranging from €769 up to more than €3000. Moreover, if it is a minor, the fine goes up to €7,000, while those responsible for the act risk ending up in prison for 10 years.

In the event that you are stopped by an abusive parking attendant and forced to make an unjustified outlay, it is advisable to contact the police and proceed with the usual complaint. The law is the same for everyone and must be respected in every place and in any context, so whoever makes a mistake pays.

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