Red light, never roll down the window when you stop: they take everything away from you

When you are stopped at a red light you must never let your guard down, on the contrary you must pay attention to every little detail, because even if it does not seem like it, such a calm and serene situation can become quite dangerous in various respects.

Don’t roll down your window at traffic lights – Motori.News

When the traffic light is red, it gives way to boredom, anxiety, agitation and especially nervousness if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to waste.

At the same time, space is given to gangs who want to score 100 hits that allow them to set aside interesting loot.

Especially in this period we must be careful because anyone is looking for money to be able to make Christmas presents and enjoy the holidays with dignity.

The traffic light gangs sow panic

In this context, one cannot fail to mention the traffic light gangs that have managed to carry out coups in various districts of Italy and particularly in Rome taking away so much money and precious goods from uninformed unfortunates.

In particular, a gang was caught by Rome police officers, who caught a thief while the other two managed to escape. The incident took place in the San Paolo area in Rome, where some criminals had tried to steal the car of an 86-year-old elderly man at 10:30 on 10 August.

Fine traffic light
red light – Motori.News

Here’s what happened to an 86-year-old man at a red light in Rome

The man felt hot and therefore had opened all the windows of his car while waiting for the green at the red light. Meanwhile, a three-man gang of thugs approached the car.

Two of them had taken up positions alongside the victim to try to distract him and take everything away from him, while the third one tried to steal what was placed on the passenger seat next to him. The intention of the thieves was to steal the wallet that he had actually placed on the passenger seat.

But the situation has made him suspicious the police officers who were present there to patrol the streets immediately intervened to stop the three managing to catch only one. The two managed to escape, while luckily the man was not robbed of him.

The thief stopped by the police instead was taken to the offices of the San Paolo district and was identified. This is a 46-year-old Cuban citizen, with a previous record, therefore already known to the police.

The Cuban now has to answer for the aggravated theft charge, the police officers immediately set in hunting for the two escaped accomplices. History proves that one must never let one’s guard down, even when stopped at a red light.

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