€700 for all cyclists, never take this action: you are ruined

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Cyclists from now on will have to pay particular attention to how they travel on the road, because the risks for them will be much greater.

fine for all cyclists
€700 fine for all cyclists – motori.news

Apparently things are changing for them too. Although this is a weak category, it needs particular attention and care, given that it is often involved in terrible accidents without having any responsibilityà, a squeeze is needed.

There are cyclists who they respect the laws and therefore the highway code and cyclists who just don’t care about it. Yet the law is the same for everyone, so anyone circulating on the road must respect it, whether they are motorcyclists, motorists or pedestrians.

The highway code does not admit mistakes, that’s what we’re talking about

From now on, cyclists risk having to pay fines of over €600, due to a serious but equally widespread behaviour, namely traveling with the bike against the traffic. On a daily level when traveling on any road there are already many risks due to the circulation of so many vehicles.

If unacceptable behavior outside the law is added to all this, the risks triple and the situation becomes more than dangerous, in some ways tragic. The news that follows should raise the antennae of all cyclists who do not behave in an appropriate manner.

If so far they have managed to escape the fines, by the skin of their teeth, from now on they will have to be very careful and think before making this maneuver because there will be one checkpoint at each corner and the agents will always be ready to fine them.


What do cyclists risk doing this manoeuvre

There are many who proceed the wrong way while riding a bike, even though they know that this is dangerous behavior both for themselves and for others. The highway code it will no longer turn a blind eye to disrespectful cyclists.

According to article 143, whoever engages in these behaviors risks a fine ranging from €167 to €665. We also remind you that the use of cell phones or electronic devices of any kind is also prohibited for those traveling on bicycles.

Headphones are also prohibited because the cyclist may not hear sound warnings emitted by cars or motorcycles. There is also a ban on zigzagging not only because you risk your life but also because it can put both motorists and motorcyclists in unpleasant situations.

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