they are the most expensive in Italy

The Italian motorways are essential for all motorists who like to travel by car to bring everything they need with them, without paying exorbitant prices, to move in total autonomy and peace of mind when they want, how they want, to stop as soon as they need to. of need and so on.

highways the most expensive in Italy
Motorways, the most expensive in Italy –

Unfortunately, however, the more time passes, the more these become expensive, especially in this period due to the energy crisis and inflation which has caused incredible increases which not all Italian families are able to support.

Speaking of moving by car, now it has also become difficult because of the fuel has reached impossible costs so many people today choose to use public transport to save some money.

The announcement of Autostrade per l’Italia

Autostrade per l’Italia in recent days has declared that in the last four years the cost of tolls remained unchanged but that now is the time to apply changes to the costs.

So starting now, the rates will increase by 1.5%, the reason is only one and you can easily guess it. It is the increase in the cost of raw materials and electricity that occurred in the second half of 2022.

Italian highway photos
highways –

Which are the highways indicated as the most expensive, absolutely to be avoided

Those who want to save money but don’t want to give up on the Christmas holidays should avoid taking the following onesthe 10 motorways that have been indicated as the most expensive in all of Italy.

The first is the A5 Turin Monte Bianco motorway, the second is the Milan ring road, then follows the a35 Brescia Milan, the a36 Pedemontana Lombarda, the a32 Turin-Bardonecchia, the a12 Sestri Levante San Pietro in Palazzi, the A4 Turin- Milan, the A10 A6 Turin Savona Ventimiglia, the A15 Parma La Spezia, the A4 Passante di Mestre.

Consequently, if you have the possibility of traveling by taking other alternative roads, perhaps secondary ones, while taking a few more minutes and not enjoying specific services, it is better to do so unless you want to turn a cheap trip into a super expensive trip.

To date, traveling along these marked highways is equivalent to traveling by plane using and enjoying many more benefits. So if you have a budget to respect, it’s better to do it to easily return to expenses and fully enjoy your holidays without any worries.

During the holiday periods, however, costs could increase for many services, so you are advised to be careful.

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