Carpet checks on the roads, €7000 if you make this mistake: many do it

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The police are carrying out sweeping checks on the roads to catch those who commit this infraction: a fine of up to 7,000 euros.

carpet checks on the roads fine
7,000 euro fine –

The Traffic Laws it is so vast and rich in regulating how one should behave on the street, and beyond, that it is easy to get lost in something you don’t know.

This infringement we are about to tell you about is unfortunately very widespread, but it can also be very expensive. In fact, the law provides for very high fines for those who commit this infraction, which also includes a significant aggravating circumstance if the fact is committed by a minor.

Yes, from this last figure you understand that it is not an infringement that can be committed while driving, but it is such a widespread habit which unfortunately you will happen to see it at least once a day, especially in some cities.

The bad habit of the abusive parking attendant: what he risks and how much is the fine

That’s right, let’s talk about the uncomfortable and unpleasant figure of the unauthorized parkingwhich identifies those people who have the pretension and arrogance to ask motorists for money without any authorization from the state and without paid parking in that area.

Illegal parking
Illegal parking –

Some even have the cheek to ask you for extra money to keep an eye on your car even in areas with “blue stripes“, so you not only have to pay the legally required parking, but also the additional tax owed to this person.

It should be emphasized that in these cases one should never bend over and pay, given that we are speaking in all respects of street “lace”.. However, it seems understandable that in certain situations, to avoid trouble and annoyance and enjoy an evening, one ends up giving in and giving that euro to the bad guy on duty.

The illegal parking figure is naturally illegal and the law provides for fines ranging from 769 to more than 3,000 euros. And we talked about minors because the practice of sending very young people to collect the money is also widespread, almost with the aim of softening the victim.

Here the penalty doubles a it can even reach 7000 euros: and it doesn’t end there, because the law also foresees the risk of imprisonment which can even reach 10 years.

In short, on the automotive side there should be the civic duty not to submit to these retaliations and promptly report to the police in case there are also episodes of threats in order to get the “tax” paid.

Unlawful parking
Illegal parking –

A phenomenon too common and difficult to eradicate, especially in some neighborhoods of big cities, where these people seem to be able to act freely. Know, as we have seen, that the law provides for very important sanctions for them: do not bend over and immediately report them to the police. They will provide, especially in the presence of threats.

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